Whole Vision LLC

School Garden Initiative

  • School Garden Advisory Board Chair
  • Guiding creation of toolkit, specifically designed for Ohio Learning Standards, for schools to utilize. Click here to view the toolkit, available for anyone interested in bringing a garden program to an educational institution!
  • Offering consulting services to assist in creation of sustainable, community-based, interactive gardening programs
  • Piloting school garden project at Iowa Maple Elementary School 
  • Offering workshops for interested educators
  • Partnership with Cleveland Metropolitan School District 

Refresh Collective

  • Grantwriting and fundraising activities
  • Supporting programs for this nonprofit organization which aims to empower youth through hip hop, gardening, and entrepreneurship


  • Initiative to bring programs, services, resources, and more, to underserved communities across Northeast Ohio
  • Strong focus on community engagement and partnerships
  • Making healthy living the fun choice for everyone!

Food Conscious 

  • Nonprofit Organization dedicated to food-based social enterprise
  • Developing a permaculture farm and food processing facility
  • Serving as umbrella organization for Whole Vision LLC's Care-A-Van and School Garden programs